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Start Price is required Note: Auction starting Price
Target Price is required Note: Target price is recommended to be 40% - 60% of the item’s original price
Buy Now Price is required Note:If buy now price is met, auction will end instantly and the item is sold

Note: If target not met, Auction will be un-successful. Target price will not be shown to buyers but you will be given an option to sell on highest Bid Value.

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Note: Please make sure to take clear pictures with sufficient lighting, and proper angles. Also, the more clear pictures you add of your item/s, the higher it will be valued at.

Note: “Please add additional clear images of your items, and in case you are selling collectibles or paintings please add clear & readable images of the provenance documents which prove the authenticity of your valuable pieces (if needed).”

Note: Please describe your item in as much details as you can. This should include but not limited to the original price of the item, the item’s dimensions, any major or minor defects in the item, and a brief description of the items historical significance or value (if needed)

Description is required