Meet Our Team

We are a collective of artistic professionals, passionately committed to mentoring and managing the creation of exquisite art.

  • Salma Al Khalidi

    Salma Al Khalidi

    Art Manager / Art Advisor

    Salma Al Khalidi is an independent curator and art advisor based in Cairo, Egypt. Her professional journey began in 2016 at Carrie Able Gallery in New York City, and later joined other art institutions, including Open Gallery in London, and Art D’Égypte in Cairo. Salma has then ventured into independent curation in early 2023, collaborating with both local and international artists and galleries. Her expertise extends beyond curation to encompass Art Advisory, where her understanding of the art world provides valuable insights for collectors, art enthusiasts, businesses and artists seeking guidance. In addition to her professional achievements, Salma holds a Master’s in History of Art from SOAS, London and a Bachelor’s in Interior and Spatial Design from Chelsea College of Art and Design, UAL, London. Salma brings a unique blend of art historical knowledge and practical design expertise to the table.

    As an Arts Manager, Salma serves as a valuable asset for artists and collectors seeking guidance in navigating the complexities of the art world. Her multifaceted background enables her to offer holistic advice in various settings. Her commitment includes transforming spaces through carefully curated artworks and supporting both emerging and established artists with personalized insights, guidance and a collaborative approach to enhance their artistic journeys.

  • Seth P. Benzel

    Seth P. Benzel

    Art Advisor

    International artist and gallery owner, Seth Benzel has made his own unique way in the art industry. A son of an architect and painter, Seth was surrounded by art growing up and was mentored by his father from a very early age and well through adulthood. After three years at a small liberal arts school, he transferred to Pratt Art Institute. Although he did not complete his studies, Seth knew his painting style was unique and decided to forge his own way in the art world. Today, Seth is an internationally recognized artist, a gallery owner and the director of artist residency programs in Dubai. Seth enjoys mentoring and teaching his unique approach to painting. Core to his beliefs is that every artist must find their own language and distinct voice that sets them apart. It is through this language that the artist should communicate an authentic message to the viewer. Seth enjoys working with all levels of artists and believes that through critique and community we can all improve our craft and enlighten the world with our creativity.

  • Mirna El-Sherbiny

    Mirna El-Sherbiny

    Art Advisor

    As a multidisciplinary artist and art consultant since November 2016, Mirna has immersed herslef in the world of various artistic mediums, weaving a diverse tapestry of creativity. Her expertise extends to creating customized and commissioned artworks that grace both residential and commercial spaces, transforming environments into captivating visual experiences. Notably, Mirna collaborates with some of Egypt's largest Interior Design Agencies, offering valuable advisory services to enhance and complement their projects. Her unwavering passion for creativity fuels an ongoing exploration of new horizons, aiming to craft art that not only resonates with emotions but also leaves a lasting imprint on the dynamic realm of design and aesthetics.