Step into the world of DiarBid Exhibitions, where your art takes center stage!

With DiarBid, you have the power to curate exhibitions, blending the physical and digital realms for an unparalleled experience. Here's what awaits you when you choose to collaborate with us:

  1. Exclusive Gallery Space in Dubai: Showcase your creations in our partner gallery, a haven of creativity nestled in Al Quoz. Designed with rustic elegance, it's the perfect backdrop to elevate your art to new heights. Take a sneak peek at our stunning gallery here!
  1. Digital Auction Innovation: Amplify your reach with our cutting-edge digital auction platform. Viewers can explore your exhibition in person and seamlessly transition to digital bidding using QR codes. It's a seamless process, ensuring authenticity at every step.

  2. Unlimited Direct Sales: Customize your exhibition to include direct sale options alongside coveted pieces up for auction. It's the ultimate fusion of accessibility and exclusivity, tailored to maximize your sales potential.

  3. World-Class Shipping Solutions: Rest easy knowing that your artworks are in safe hands. Our partnership with trusted shipping providers like DHL guarantees secure and reliable domestic and global shipping options.

  4. Join Our Art Community: Become part of a vibrant ecosystem of artists, collectors and enthusiasts. With DiarBid, your work gains unparalleled exposure and connects you to like minded individuals and masters, opening doors to new opportunities.

  5. Flexible Payment Plans: Seal the deal with ease using our integrated installment payment options via Tamara. By removing financial barriers, we empower potential buyers to bring your art into their lives.

Experience the future of exhibitions with DiarBid. Elevate your art, expand your audience and unlock boundless possibilities. Let's create something extraordinary together!

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