Kholoud Al Dasooqi

A Mother From Gaza

Auction Ended


This painting, "A Mother From Gaza," by Kholoud Al Dasooqi, carries a powerful message of resilience and hope. Kholoud, a Palestinian artist from the displaced village of Bashit in the Ramla District, was born in Saudi Arabia and raised in Khan Younis City, Gaza. Her art provides a poignant lens into the struggles and strength of Palestinian women. As part of our commitment to supporting our community, 50% of the proceeds made from the charity auction of this painting to "Tarahum for Gaza" campaign by Ataya under the Emirates Red Crescent to aid those in Palestine. This is our way of giving back and showing solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Gaza, while also encouraging Kholoud to continue using her art as a catalyst for social change. We invite you to participate in this auction and join us in making a meaningful difference. 100 cm x 80 cm Mixed media

United Arab Emirates, Dubai
Art Type
• Portrait
• Mixed Media
• Unique (One-of-a-Kind Piece)
• Mixed Colors
Frame Material
• Wood
• Fully Insured
• 100 cm
• 80 cm
• 5 cm

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