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Vintage Hand-Carved Olive Wood “Ayat al-Kursi” Artwork

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Enhance your home with this vintage handcrafted wall art featuring the intricate Arabic calligraphy of Ayat al-Kursi, a revered verse from the Holy Qur'an. Crafted over 25 years ago by Khaled, a Palestinian artisan and refugee from Al-Quds, this piece is made from premium olive tree wood. The process begins with olive trees that have naturally died, which are cut and dried for at least a year. Khaled then spends three months hand-carving the wood into this exquisite artwork. Measuring 90 cm x 50 cm, the rich texture of olive wood and the beautiful calligraphy make this a unique and meaningful addition to any space. This wall art is perfect as a thoughtful gift or a statement piece for your home, embodying both artistic beauty and deep spiritual significance.

United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi
Art Type
• Other
• Wood
• Unique (One-of-a-Kind Piece)
• Brown
Frame Material
• Wood
• Fully Insured
• 90 cm
• 50 cm
• 5 cm

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